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Residential HOA Wood - Commercial Fence & Iron Works


Wood fences continue to be a staple for HOA perimeters here in Colorado. A well built wood fence can last 10-15 years and beyond with proper maintenance. If your board is considering replacing your fence, we offer many different styles and size to choose from. We continue to lead the market in service and quality including posting all notices to homeowners, calling for utility locates and only installing top grade western red cedar.

Many companies in the area are installing a lesser grade of cedar including “incense” and “Port Orford.” Incense cedar is commonly used to make pencils. Make sure your board is aware of what they are getting. At your next meeting demand that samples of the proposed wood is submitted for review.

We also offer staining and repairs if a full replacement is not in the budget at this time.

We would love to work with you on your next HOA wood fence project

Commercial Fence & Iron Works is a professional fence contractor committed to exceeding your expectations.