Verti-Crete Precast

Commercial Fence and Iron Works is an exclusive installation company for Verti-Crete concrete fencing throughout the Front Range here in Colorado. Our unlimited agreement with SEMA Precast includes local manufacturing of the Verti-Crete product and statewide shipping availabilty. This arrangement offers the superior technology of Verti-Crete, partnered with the knowledge of SEMA Precast and over 100 years of combined fencing experience direct to you.

Recognized as the premier precast fence solution in the industry, Verti-Crete provides intricate double-sided masonry textures and colors that compliments the Colorado market. Their patented state-of-the-art panel stacker forming system has been perfected since its inception in 1999 resulting in the most efficient and cost-effective production of superior precast concrete fencing.

Precast concrete fencing is an affodable option to many construction materials such as wood, vinyl, and stone masonry. Verti-Crete will not fade in the sun and can withstand harsh weather changes keeping your investment looking great while providing maximum privacy for years. The unbeatable durabilty of Verti-Crete fencing is a long-term investment that saves you both time and money.

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